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Personal Training

Personal training is individualized and perfect for fitness and post-operative rehabilitation.

Personal Training

Personal training is individualized and perfect for fitness and post-operative rehabilitation.

Personal Training with a Twist

As movement teachers, we address your body’s individual needs. Our goal is to help you discover where you are and identify what you want and need to achieve your long term goals. This includes:

Muscle strength and tone

Increasing muscle and bone mass

Reduction if not elimination of pain

Increased body & nervous system awareness

Ease of motion in everyday life

Injury prevention 

Improved balance, coordination and mobility

Spinal stability and postural alignment

Types of Coaching

Rehabilitative Movement Training

Owning good movement technique helps you increase your strength, agility and balance. From enhancing your golf game to being able to easily get up and down off the floor with your grandchildren, we combine strength, movement skills, respiration skills and mobility to ensure your success.

Our movement modalities include the GYROTONIC® METHOD, Pilates, Z Health®, along with other tools such as suspension training, balance training, and other various techniques. Learning to move well and with ease is imperative to a long and healthy life.

Breast Cancer Recovery Coaching

Cindy Land, RN/Health & Wellness Coach works with women post treatment for breast cancer recovery. She has been in this field long enough to recognize a critical gap in the journey to full recovery: that support diminishes once treatment ends. To fill that gap, Cindy has developed a unique and effective program focusing on helping women “get their lives back” after cancer treatment, “creating a journey forward to a new normal that feels good.”


Visual/Vestibular Training

Did you know that we have a neural GPS system in our brain? Your eyes, your inner ear, and the rest of your body all work together in order to know where you are in space. If you have movement issues or pain, it may be a deficiency in your ability to converge your eyes, or a vestibular/balance system that may need a bit of ‘upregulation.’ Ignoring the muscles that surround your eyes is akin to ignoring the muscles of your trunk.

The fact is that movement or pain is dependent on how we take in information from our surrounding world (our eyes and inner ear/balance), process it, with the output being movement. Then the movement we do sends information back to our brain, creating a loop of sorts. Training your eyes and vestibular system (inner ear/ balance) is essential for performance enhancement, injury resistance, and navigating the sport of life.

Your Brain’s Threat Response

Our brain applies the brakes when it doesn’t feel safe.  But we often don’t know why it is “down regulating” our performance or increasing pain. And as a culture, we’ve been taught working harder or being more focused or disciplined will help us lose weight, feel better, get stronger or get out of pain.

But the reality is the brain is smarter than we are. If it doesn’t feel ‘safe,’ that is it’s not getting information or stimulation from some part of the body, it will go into the fight or flight response, upregulating stress hormones and pain and reducing performance.

How We Can Help

We work to help you ‘mine for gold.’  In other words, we work to find what skill sets may be missing and walk beside you in order to support and educate you about what the brain is seeking. Shoulder pain could be coming from a lack of foot movement. Or a lack of neck or eye movement might keep your abs from firing. Stress hormones may be holding you hostage.

The point is that everyone’s nervous system is as individual as our personal histories, and we help you discover what will unlock your potential.  

Let Coaching Work for You

We work as a team to help you discover what works best for you.  We take into account your goals, your personal history, and your present circumstances to customize an experience and a plan that is best for you.  We work with you to establish the best place to start.

There is no perfect plan or diet, there is only what works for you. We feel strongly that adaptation occurs over time and with support, education and accountability that is repeatable and sustainable, you can become the best you can be.  

Personal Training Videos

Our personal training includes neural work to help your body function better for fitness and active living.

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