The Law of Attraction

You’ve probably heard about the “Law of Attraction.” The idea that through our thoughts, we can attract positive or negative experiences to our lives. By “reframing” and visualization, we can replace limiting factors in our lives with positive thought, positive emotion and thus change.

Yeah, yeah. This sounds good in theory, but in practicality, this can be difficult when someone is struggling. Whether you are in emotional or physical pain, learning to move again can be terrifying. Last month I wrote about emotional healing through physical movement. The protective brain will try to ‘down regulate’ us when we aren’t in a good place. And when we’re in that fight or flight mode, it’s difficult to see our way out. I wanted to follow up on that with a “how to.”

The law of attraction may be a first step in the healing and progress. The question is “how do I surround myself with messaging and people and alternative choices that support my long term goals?”

Step 1: Visualize tomorrow

When I can think of it, I try to visualize how I want to feel when I wake up tomorrow. I try to imagine how I will feel physically and emotionally if I make one choice or another. My decision to move, think, eat, drink, etc., requires me imagining how I will feel in the morning. That short term plan helps me make a better choice in the moment.  

Step 2: Establish your long term goal

I also have to know what I’m working for. But with that said, just like visualizing my short term goal, I will imagine what my life will look like next year if I take this road or that one. In other words, coming to grips with what your life will look like next year may not help you avoid a donut, but on balance, it will help you surround yourself with the people and activities that support you.

Step 3: Put yourself in charge

No one but you cares as much or has as much to gain from the process of empowering yourself.  If you don’t care to do the things that support your process of self optimization, who does? In doing this, you need to be proactive about finding a supportive environment and mix of activities. We lose hope when we feel out of control. Figure out how you want to take charge and make sure your efforts all lead to putting yourself in the driver’s seat.

Step 4:  Find the fun

One of the best ways that I have found to maintain both my physical and emotional self is to find the fun factor. For me, I have to enjoy something or have fun, otherwise, it really doesn’t interest me. For example, bouncing around on bungees makes me feel like a kid again. Putting on music and doing Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis moves makes me feel like a dancer (even though I don’t look like one). Picking up a heavy kettlebell or sandbag empowers me. All of these things feed me physically and emotionally. And through these everyday activities, I get closer to my long term goal of enjoying my life, having the ability to do what I want to do whenever I want to do it: whether that means lifting a 40 lb salt bag into my car effortlessly, or a quick sprint down the block with my dog. My daily efforts of having fun with movement allow me to continue my everyday tasks with joy and ease, thus feeling empowered and putting me in charge.

So: visualize tomorrow, get a game plan, get in charge, and have fun! Now that’s a deal!